nene suggests : festive attire part II

I wish you a Merry Christmas ,I wish you a Merry Christmas,I wish you a Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year....lalalalalalalalaaaaa !
nothing better than a Christmas melody these days and one of the best ways to start my festive post.you may all have a better year than the passed one,trying to make your life and the people around you happier .A year full of health and love!!!!
for me this year was one of the best of my life and I hope 2015 will keep it the same way.
so,because of this happy Christmas atmosphere everywhere I wanted to make a dreamy post at a dreamy place.I decided that the best place to make it happen was Bubble Tale Greece .Lots of yummy cupcakes and beverages ,iced teas with fruit bubbles and a variety of hot chocolates with lots of  new flavors .Special thanks to you for the unique hospitality!!
Back to our basic Christmas female problem some of you ,do not want their evening attire to be too formal so here's a nene suggestion with some easy tips to follow.
first of all you all know the latest trend that wants the knee-high boots suited with almost everything and anytime...I picked this wonderful suede pair among with this amazing black & white sweater dress from Axel Accessories and I made an interesting outfit by adding some gold sparkling accessories.Although I've chosen this pretty small Axel purse you could hold a red envelope for some color contrast or you could wear a pair of thick black tights instead of not wearing at all (it's cold outside,take care !!!)
stay tuned to enjoy our other picks.
nene Katerina

Katerina wears total look Axel Accessories ,jewelry Handmade by nene

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  1. Gorgeous pics!!! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday.


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